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July 2017

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

Willy Tan
Willy (60) is married with a daughter, a son and a granddaughter. He has a wealth of
experience from 20 years of running his own business in the MICE industry sector.
Educated from the Chinese stream, he is a little shy speaking but it certainly has not
stopped him from being passionate about our estate matters and dealing firmly with our
developer and our managing agent. When not helping fellow residents in Ripple Bay
with estate matters, Willy’s hobbies include traveling and food. He has committed as his
mission to make Ripple Bay a better environment to live in for all of us.

Ngan Chee Kuan
Chee Kuan is an Information Technology professional with a BSc in Computer
Information Systems. He is 48 years old, married and has a son. Chee Kuan is into
fishing and cycling. One of his stated aims is to make Ripple Bay a better place to live in
for all of us.

Tan Yong Chye
Yong Chye is 37 years old, married with 2 daughters. His day job when not overseeing
our condo’s finances and funds is a Cost Controller for a manufacturing plant in the
wafer fab sector. He holds a professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant
Singapore and ACCA, and is certainly at home around budgets, finance, balance sheets
and P&L statements. His stated hobby is sleeping due to his busy schedule and family
life. His mission: To ensure Ripple Bay’s financials to be clear and and healthy.

Council Member
Joseph Quek
Joseph is a family man, 52 years old, married with a son and a daughter. Joseph’s deep
experience in condominium matters is grounded in a career in the real estate industry.
He holds a Msc in Real Estate. Joseph runs for recreation. His mission: To make Ripple
Bay a better place to live in for all of us.

Council Member
Robin Lim
Robin is 44 years old, married with a son. He is a businessman running his own
company dealing with human resource services. He holds a BEng (Mech) qualification
and enjoys fishing and cycling in his spare time. His stated mission is to help rectify our
estate defects.

Council Member
Stewart Ong
Stewart is 50 years old, married with a daughter (23) and a son (20). He is a retired
Electronic Engineer with a BBA and a Diploma in Electronic Engineering. Although
retired, he manages his investment portfolio of various investments. When not working
in charity activites helping poor children in Cambodia, he enjoys cycling and traveling.
For the residents of Ripple Bay, he wishes to rectify our estate defects and make RB a
better environment as RB is his retirement home.

Council Member
Lily Huang
Happily married with two sons and a daughter. Lily is a professional domestic engineer
a.k.a. fulltime homemaker. Her hobbies include baking, food and travel. She would like
to assist and support the management council team and all RB’s residents.

Council Member
Dennis Lee
Married with a son and 2 daughters, Dennis is 58 years old. Dennis runs his own
business and is a Mechanical Engineer trained with CIMUK qualifications. Dennis is an
avid golfer. His mission: To assist in creating a harmonious community and safe haven
for all in RB.

Council Member
Tom Chua
Tom (60) is married with two children, a son (24) and a daughter (20). He is currently
the MD of the Asia operations of a Mechanical Services multinational company in the
Oil & Gas and Marine Engineering industries. During his free time, Tom likes an
occasional golf game and tries to keep fit. He enjoys having a few beers in the weekend
with friends and eating his favourite hawker food all over Singapore. His aim is to make
MCL deliver their part for what we paid for and making RB a great place to live, by
creating a “kampong” style of living with friendly neighbours.

Council Member
Jeremy Kong
Jeremy (40) is an eligible and swinging bachelor (in his words: “no wife, no kids, no
pets”). He is a Chartered Accountant, providing professional services in Audit, Tax,
Accounting & Compliance and Business Advisory. Jeremy holds a B.Com in
Accounting, a Masters in Applied Finance, an MBA, accredited as a Chartered
Accountant (Singapore), Chartered Professional Accountant (ASEAN) and Certified
Practising Accountant (Australia). His hobbies include traveling, Netflix and cooking. He
wants to create, maximize, and communicate value to our Ripple Bay stakeholders so
that we can help our community meet its growth, performance and governance

Council Member
Rina Tan
Rina is happily married for 25 years. She is a Senior Accountant in a U.S based
multinational company. She holds the qualification of Business Studies in Accounting.
When not balancing books, she likes gardening and enjoying the greenery and
tranquility that a flowering garden brings. As her mission, she would like to assist in
creating a harmonious community and bring back the Kampung Spirit to our safe haven
in RB for all.

Council Member
Bernice Neo
Bernice is single and semi retired but conducts a business dealing with auto parts. She
walking and traveling. She would like to create a better environment and to support the
management council to make RB a better place to live in.

Council Member
Cassidy Goh Kuan Sheng
Cassidy is 50 years old, married with a daughter (15) and a son (12). His day job is a
Systems and Solutions Architect for Civil Identity and Public Safety Solutions, trying to
make the world a safer place one system at a time one solution at a time. He holds a
BBA (Information Systems) and a Dipl Business Studies (Information Systems). Cassidy
has been living in Pasir Ris for more than 20 years, considers anything beyond Bedok
as the “west of Singapore”, can’t cook to save his life, and regards coffee as a life
necessity with equivalency to oxygen. When not prowling around the estate looking for
defects, he likes reading (books, magazines, signboards, cereal box cartons, etc.),
serving military NS (strange as it may sound), cycling, amateur ornithology (anything
with feathers and lays eggs). His mission is to win equitable justice for RB residents by
working with the developer and contractors to rectify defects so as to enhance our living
environment in RB in the spatial and social dimensions.

There is no new content from the Condo Manager.

Please feel free to contact the Management Office at Tel: +65 6384 6765 if you need further clarifications.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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